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Latest update: 12/02/2020


SIMU SAS, located at Zone Industrielle Les Giranaux 70100 ARC LES GRAY, FRANCE, with a capital of €5,000,000, registered with the Companies Register (RCS) in Vesoul under the number 425 650 090, declares that it is the owner of this Website, telephone number +33 (0)384 647 500. The company belongs to the SOMFY Group. Intra-community VAT number FR 25303970230

The director of publication of this website is Bruno Stragliati, Chief Executive Officer.

If you have any comments to make concerning the Website itself, please contact the director of publication at the following address: communication@simu.com

This Website is hosted by Propulse – 2 rue Jean Baptiste Lallemand – 21000 Dijon – France, telephone no. +33 3(0)3 80 73 63 79


This Website is intended and reserved exclusively for individuals or companies resident anywhere around the world who want to:

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The information about products and services is not necessarily valid in all countries. In particular, it is possible that certain products or services which appear on this Website are not available in all countries.

SIMU will do everything it can to guarantee the user’s maximum security while they are browsing the Website. However, SIMU declines all responsibility:

  • In the event of temporary inability to access the Website, due to any technical maintenance or update of the information published;
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  • In the event of abnormal or illegal use of the Website, the user is solely responsible for any damage caused to third parties and for any resulting action or complaint.

The information contained in the Website, except for the product information sheets, and except where an error is made, is provided for information purposes only and SIMU is not responsible for its accuracy.


1. Copyright protection:

This Website and the information it contains (in particular photos, diagrams, etc.) are protected by copyright.

The user recognises that this Website, the services, technology and associated content (brands, photos and videos, content) are the property of SIMU or its licence holders and/or sub-contractors.

Any reproduction, use or representation without express authorisation from SIMU or its partners may lead to legal proceedings.

2. Conditions of use:

  • Any information which does not appear in a “download file” must not be printed or reproduced, either in whole or in part, in any manner whatsoever.
  • Information that appears in a download file may be printed or downloaded for private personal, non-commercial use, for information purposes. It is not intended to be given or shown to customers and must not be circulated.

Any copy of this information for any use other than that defined above must mention our copyright and ownership rights.
You are not authorised to modify this information. However, you are entitled to translate this information to make it easier to understand by your teams; in this case, you are responsible for the translation you carry out.
We reserve the right to end this authorisation at any time, by sending notification addressed to you personally or which will be published on this Website. Any use of this information shall then cease immediately.


The SIMU brand and all brands, whether figurative or not and more generally all the other brands, illustrations, images and logos appearing on this website, whether registered or not, are and remain the exclusive property of SIMU SAS or its affiliates worldwide or are reproduced with the consent of their owners.

Any total or partial reproduction, modification or use of these brands, illustrations, images and logos, for any reason and on any medium, without express, prior agreement from SIMU SAS or third parties who own the brands, is strictly prohibited, except for the creation of a hypertext link according to paragraph 5 below.

Access to the website, in the same way as its use, does not grant any rights to the brands and other illustrations, images and logos it contains.


1. The links that we provide you:

we provide you with hypertext links to numerous other Websites. However, we do not represent and do not inspect these websites and we are not responsible for their content.

2. The links that you create:

creating a link to our Website requires our prior written authorisation, except if you meet all the following conditions at the same time:

  • You are a customer of SIMU or one of the companies in the SOMFY Group,
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  • You must declare the creation of a link in writing to our director of publication within five working days following its creation, by sending an email to communication@simu.com

We reserve the right to demand the immediate removal of a link if we consider that it compromises our interests.


All products, processes or technologies described in this Website are likely to be protected under Intellectual Property.
No use of these intellectual property rights is authorised by these conditions of use.


  • We do everything in our power to provide you with reliable, complete and up-to-date information. However, we do not offer you any guarantee concerning the information contained in this Website.
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In the event of a dispute arising from access to or use of this Website, French legislation is the only applicable legislation and the Dijon Courts are the only competent courts, except where there are mandatory provisions to the contrary.