Autosun, solar motorisation for roller shutters

100% autonomous, 100% solar, 100% wireless

Autosun is the SIMU solar solution to motorise your roller shutter with a complete system comprising a motor, a battery and a solar panel.

  • Solar panel

    transforms solar energy into electricity

  • Motor

    uses the energy stored in the battery to operate the shutter

  • Battery

    stores the energy transmitted by the solar panel

The advantages of Autosun


No building work

no wiring, so no channels made in the existing interior walls and no damage



developed to function in most geographical zones: up to 45 days without sun (90 cycles)



our products are designed in France and guaranteed for seven years. They operate under extreme temperatures (-20 to +70°C)



autosun is a sustainable, responsible solution with the Act For Green label

About SIMU

SIMU has been a recognised specialist in solar solutions for roller shutters for over 15 years. All our solar motors are made in France in the Haute-Saône region and comply with the Act For Green eco-design requirements.

In parallel, SIMU offers a wide range of motors for roller shutters, batteries, solar panels and accessories for all configurations. Our products are easy to install and our teams based in France are on hand to answer all your questions.