The advantages of solar motorisation for your roller shutters

The advantages of solar powerThe advantages of solar power

Ideal for your home renovation

No building work

No need to make channels in the walls, so no damage to the existing structure!
It has enabled me to fit roller shutters in my house without damaging the wallpaper or paint
The system can be installed in renovation or new-build projects alike
It was very easy to fit a roller shutter on my roof window when we converted the loft

No connection to the electricity network

Your installer does not need an electricity qualification
I didn’t need to call in an electrician since it is low voltage
You can motorise a rolling shutter far away from any electricity supply
It is the ideal solution for my garden shed which has no electricity supply!
The system works without any problem if there is a power cut
If there is a power cut, I know that I can still open my shutters

all the comfort of an electric roller shutter

You can control your roller shutter by remote control or using your smartphone, with real-time information for the BHz range
It’s a real comfort to be able to close all my shutters at the same time from my sofa
You can program scenarios and automate the daily opening and closing of your roller shutters!
When I go on holiday, I activate presence simulation. It reassures me